When will buyers return? | Property Market Update

Property sales are 40% down from a year ago, and days on market (DOM) is up 13 days. Property prices have fallen 9.5% from their peak in November 2021 and the number of listings is up by 104%. This profound weakness in the residential property sector has not come about because of a wave of … Read more

The Next Housing Cycle Turn | Market Update

Independent economist, Tony Alexander, provides an update on the housing cycle and discusses where it is likely heading. New Zealand’s housing market is weak and getting weaker. The number of sales in June was down 38% from a year earlier. The average number of days taken to sell a dwelling was 13 longer than a … Read more

Energy efficient ways to heat your home this winter

Good for the planet, your tenants, and your pocket. Making energy-efficient choices to heat your home this winter just got easier with ANZ’s new Good Energy Home Loan top-up.  ANZ is committed to helping you make your property warmer, drier and more energy efficient by offering a top-up of your ANZ home loan at a … Read more

Market Update | Finding good tenants

Independent economist, Tony Alexander, provides a market update – discussing the implications for landlords and their ability to find good tenants. As an economist, I don’t have all that much interest in the structure of the housing market. What I am interested in is how things are changing. These changes are what we need to … Read more

Market Update | Looking ahead

Independent Economist, Tony Alexander, presents a market update on New Zealand’s economy and the housing market. This is about as bad as it gets. Nothing seems to be going right for the economy, households and businesses. The pressures keep growing. Another hit for the market, the Reserve Bank is set to raise interest rates another … Read more

The importance of conducting routine inspections

Routine property inspections are beneficial for both landlords and tenants.  From a landlord’s perspective, conducting routine property inspections is essential to protect your investment. They allow you to visit the property and check that everything is in working order, there is no damage to the property and that the tenants have been keeping things reasonably … Read more

What kind of Tenancy do I have?

Tenancies aren’t one size fits all – there are different types of tenancy agreements that you may have. The most common being periodic tenancy or fixed-term tenancy. It is important that you understand the unique set of rules that accompany your tenancy prior to signing the agreement. Periodic Tenancy Periodic tenancy agreements have no end … Read more

Renting with pets

It’s no secret that we Kiwis love our furry friends. With more than 4.35 million companion animals in New Zealand, the number of pets almost outnumbers humans. 64% of people in New Zealand have at least one pet, so why is it still so uncommon to find a pet-friendly rental?  When looking to tenant your … Read more

Privacy in the Rental Sector

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) announced the possibility of mystery shopper spot-checks coming into play in the near future as a means to determine how well landlords are complying with the new privacy rules for the rental sector.  Further guidance on the privacy changes is available here.  The collection and storage of tenants’ … Read more

Do tenants and landlords need insurance? 

Both landlords and tenants should understand the importance of insurance.  There is no legal obligation for New Zealand landlords to take out insurance. However, it is always important to take measures to protect your investment.  Your insurance coverage will differ based on your insurance provider and your personal policy. Your rental property must be insured … Read more