Ending a tenancy | Bond Refund

Ray White 360 Property Management

When a tenancy comes to an end, landlords and tenants must complete and submit a bond refund form.

Below are some tips and tricks to ensure the tenancy bond refund process runs as smoothly as possible. 

During the tenancy, stay on top of repairs and keep the property clean & tidy. Tenants should inform the property manager or landlord of any issues and make an effort to keep the home reasonably clean and tidy. Landlords should carry out regular property inspections and fix any maintenance issues in a timely manner. 

Be proactive and carry out a property inspection a few weeks before the final day of the tenancy so you have time to sort out any problems. 

For more information on your maintenance obligations, click here

Final inspections

Do the final inspection together, or, if this is not possible, both the landlord and tenant should complete their own. The final inspection should take place after the tenant has removed their belongings and finished cleaning. We recommend taking photos for your records. 

Be prepared and bring a tenancy bond refund form to the final inspection.

Landlord/Property Manager carrying out final property inspection to complete the tenancy bond refund form

Signing the bond refund form

If everything is in order, complete and sign the bond refund form. Only sign a bond refund form if it has been fully filled out and you’re in agreement with what has been written. 

The tenant and landlord may agree to split the bond to cover any outstanding costs. If there’s a disagreement about the refunded amount, the landlord and tenant must work together to come to an agreement or seek dispute services to resolve the issue. 

Tenancy bond refund form is signed by the landlord and tenant.

Upon completion, send this form to tenancy services as soon as possible. Often, tenants will need the bond money to pay the bond for a new tenancy. If you email the form to tenancy services, you will receive a confirmation email and an estimation of how long the process will take.

For further information visit the tenancy services website here and download a copy of your Free Landlord Guide below.