Your Tenant Journey

Your Tenant Journey

Our tenants are hugely important to us, and we believe in building strong relationships with all tenants

360 Property Management looks to exceed your tenancy expectations, making your rental experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

While we have a duty of care to our landlords, we also have a duty to tenants to ensure that landlords are meeting their obligations.

How we look after tenants as your property manager.

  • Provide a selection of houses for rent
  • Prepare a tenancy agreement
  • Collect all payments
  • Receive requests for maintenance, damages, noise complaints.
  • Act on these promptly
  • Respect your peace and privacy

Having a manager dedicated to your property will assist you in the above. All demands are met swiftly and effectively.

Tenant Information Guide

Have a great rental experience. Learn all you need to know with our FREE Tenant Information Guide.

Our Tenant Information Guide is designed as a resource to help all tenants understand their requirements and the many ongoing changes we continue to see in the industry.

It’s also a tool to provide best practice steps for tenants to help ensure you have a great tenancy and relationship with your property manager or landlord – whether you rent with us or not.

The Tenant Information Guide covers off key topics such as:

  • Tips for a successful tenancy
  • Maintenance advice & Household hints
  • Mould, dampness and ventilation tips
  • The Residential Tenancies Act 1986
  • Best practice steps for tenants
  • Commonly asked questions

Please fill in the form to receive a copy of the guide.

*Note that we serve Auckland properties only.