The Value of 360 Property Management

Our goal is to provide value to our clients every step of the way!

Our comprehensive property management service means you can rest easy knowing your investments are in safe hands.

At 360 Property Management, we have developed extensive processes to safeguard your investment and prioritise the best interests of investors and their tenants.





We have a dedicated leasing agent who works evenings and weekends, meaning your property will be in front of the right prospective tenants. We use professional photos, presenting your property in the best possible light.

Setting rental rates

We draw on our extensive market knowledge and statistics to set the correct rent rate from the outset, which we revise with annual rent reviews. We can also provide advice on how to maximise rent.


We ensure thorough screening of potential tenants and are elite partners with Tenancy Practice Services, who provide market-leading tenancy application and credit checking facilities to our team. We place considerable importance on finding the right tenants – it means your property will be well looked after, and the tenants are likely to stay.

Rent arrears

We have stringent processes in place for rent arrears and our team is incentivised – which means they get paid after you get paid. In an absolute worst-case scenario – we will represent you at the Tenancy Tribunal, however, we do our best to mitigate the situation before it comes to this.


We work to your communication style – whether you want a little or a lot. That will include information about your property, as well as broader industry trends. We have generally strong communication and involvement between owners and the business, including our regular updates on real estate market, sales, finance and social events.


We have a dedicated and highly-skilled accounts team, and we provide monthly and EOFY statements to make end- of-year accounting easier.

During the tenancy

Once tenants have moved in, we conduct a comprehensive digital inspection with 200 plus photos and comments (known as an in-going inspection.) We have an emergency phone which allows tenants or owners to contact us 24/7 and use vetted and trusted maintenance contractors and service providers. We have also a full-time floater – a member of the team who is able to provide assistance to all our property managers on a daily basis, ensuring i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. This allows our team members to take breaks to recharge and leave their portfolio in safe hands rather than additional workload for another property manager. 

All of our team are constantly upgrading their skills by attending training and courses regularly, ensuring we are up to date with the latest residential tenancy laws and regulations.

Time to sell?

We also work alongside one of the best sales teams in the industry and can offer you a discounted rate if you want to list and sell your property through one of our affiliated ray white offices. The benefit of listing with us as we have a relationship with the sales team and work collaboratively making the transaction smooth and easy for all parties

Current market value

As an investor, we believe it important to know the updated value of your property annually. We provide you with an updated current market value so you are constantly informed.

We oversee and work with owners to ensure their home meets the ever-changing compliance legislation. Our team is also experienced in adding value to properties and can provide advice about maximising the potential of your investment. Staff are completely mobile, meaning in situations like COVID where we are required to work from home for extended periods, they are all set up and ready to go.

Our property managers have smaller portfolios than the industry norm – giving you and your property more dedicated time and attention.