Tony’s View – 16 September 2021 -Reversal of Kiwi Migration Flow

Menique Stuart

Read the latest insights from Tony Alexander as he discusses in his main article the reversal of Kiwi migration flow.

This week’s article starts off by looking at a list of reasons why the house price forecast has been wrong these past four decades. He then looks at some housing trends in the Rotorua District and Tauranga City.

In the main article he takes a look at the shift underway in the net flow of Kiwis in and out of NZ which could turn negative during 2022, and the housing market implications.

Most mortgage debt is owed by people who have never seen a tightening cycle. To help the newbies through the next three years, he is slightly expanding the interest rates section ahead of the fear setting in next year and through 2023.

View the full report below.

Tony’s View 16 September 2021