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Tony’s View – 21 October 2021 -wealth growth to wealth protection

Read the latest insights from Tony Alexander as he switching from wealth growth to wealth protection, and what this may look like for your current investments. Gearing up by borrowing money to invest can multiply your gains, but it can also send you bankrupt – and maybe that is the big danger which is sitting … Read more

Landlord insurance

Why it’s crucial! Having the right cover in place will not only save the day for landlords, but it can provide you with solutions and positive outcomes in worst-case scenarios. Help protect yourself from the situations you cannot predict Landlord insurance may cover your unforeseen repair bills due to damage by an insured event and possible … Read more

Tony’s View – 14 October 2021 -what are your goals?

Read the latest insights from Tony Alexander as he discusses the question – what are your goals? The chances are most people have never sat down and calculated what amount of dollars they need to be able to meet the goals they have for their life. Full article below: Tony’s View 14 October 2021

Compliance Made Easy

Managing a tenancy is now heavily compliance-based, and the rules apply equally to everyone who provides residential tenancies – both property managers and private landlords alike. While many New Zealand landlords choose to self-manage their investment properties, they often do so without fully understanding the scope of what’s involved. We work thoroughly with our clients … Read more

What Kind of Landlord Are You?

We understand that every landlord is unique. You’re likely to have very specific needs, investment motivations and expectations of any property manager who may look after your investment in the future. There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ mentality when it comes to investing in property and this is what we … Read more

Interest Rates: Fix or Float?

Interest rates: Is now the time to fix or float?      Given the current uncertainty, the Reserve Bank has decided to take a cautious approach. However, Governor Adrian Orr made it clear an increase in the OCR is still on the cards. The Monetary Policy Statement sees the OCR increasing from 0.25% to over 1.5% … Read more

What Value Does a Property Manager Provide?

It’s imperative that we are able to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands and that we are doing everything that we can for you and your tenant. Take a look at our value-added offering and get to know just how important it is to make the right … Read more

Tony’s View – 23 September 2021 -Soaring House Prices up 37%

Read the latest insights from Tony Alexander as he discusses why house reasons our house prices have surged almost 37% since May 2020. Also read about:  lending for first home buyers  spending plans once the borders open  Tony’s view on  ‘if I was a borrower’ View the full report below. Tony’s View 23 September 2021