Ray White Now – Volume 39

Menique Stuart

We have welcomed lower Alert Levels as we enter what is considered one of the most active times for the real estate market, with new properties coming onto the market and sales continuing to remain at a high level. While the previous week had slowed momentum, there have been good numbers of new listings coming to the market and while these are at similar levels to the same time last year, what is noticeable is that we have reached a high point for 2021 with our live listings now above 2,000.

On the sales side, the numbers continue to be well above the same time last year and while we passed through a lift of 50 percent higher, this has somewhat plateaued and returned to a level over 30 percent currently. We expect with the lower level of restrictive trading to allow auctions to take place across Auckland and all forms of marketing across New Zealand; then both new listings coming onto the market and sales will increase to higher levels.