Mortgage stress? Four ways to pay off your mortgage faster

Mortgage stress? Four ways to pay off your mortgage faster

Extended lockdowns and rising interest rates have resulted in mortgage stress for many Kiwis. Unlike last year’s lockdown, the government hasn’t introduced a mortgage deferral scheme this time around. If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, then talk to an expert who can provide the help and advice you need. Here we share four … Read more

How To Manage Your Property

How to manage your property. Key points that every landlord should know. It all starts with a plan. Owning an investment property should not be treated lightly, knowing that your biggest investment is getting you the right returns and being looked after by screened tenants and a diligent property manager is key.   At 360 Property … Read more

Landlord’s Insurance

Landlord’s insurance Most people see the benefit in insuring big-ticket items such as cars, homes, and their life and health, and it should be no different when it comes to investment properties. Having a property manager gives you exclusive access to a specific type of insurance not available to private landlords, dubbed landlord’s insurance. What … Read more