2020 Landlord Compliance Checklist & Best Practice Guide

Menique Stuart

Managing a tenancy is now heavily compliance-based, and the rules apply equally to everyone who provides residential tenancies – both property managers and private landlords alike. While many New Zealand landlords choose to self-manage their investment properties, they often do so without fully understanding the scope of what’s involved. This checklist is designed to help landlords understand the different layers of compliance that they are bound by, to help ensure best-practice processes and a harmonious tenancy for all. Landlords should work through the checklist remembering that it’s not designed to give you all the answers. Our aim is to highlight areas where you may need help or clarification, enabling you to stay safe from the risk of fines or penalties. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Now that you know why this checklist is so beneficial – see the link below and take the test!

Landlord Compliance Checklist & Best Practice Guide