Labour market weakens | Tony’s View

The recent labour market data in New Zealand highlights a notable increase in the unemployment rate to 4.3%, indicating a halt in job growth observed in recent quarters. This rise is attributed to the tightening of monetary policy aimed at addressing inflationary pressures, contributing to heightened job insecurity and spending restraint among households. Amidst slowing … Read more

Mastering the Art of Valuation: A Guide to Investment Properties in Auckland

Understanding the value of your investment property in Auckland is crucial for making informed decisions. This guide will help both new and seasoned property investors accurately assess property values, ensuring successful investments in Auckland’s dynamic property market. We’ll explore essential valuation methods, key factors affecting property value, and practical tools for analysis. Hey! Are you … Read more

Why a rise in the OCR was never on the cards | Tony’s view

All eyes were on the Official Cash Rate (OCR) announcement earlier this week. The Reserve Bank (RBNZ) has taken a ‘steady as she goes’ approach: keeping the OCR at 5.5%, continuing to suggest there is a chance the rate could rise, and pencilling in the first cut for mid-2025. This week’s issue of Tony’s View … Read more

Strata Management: Legal Compliance and Effective Property Oversight

Strata Management is a vital aspect of property ownership in New Zealand, governed by specific laws. It’s essential for managing multi-unit dwellings like apartments, townhouses, and office complexes.  The main law book guiding Strata Management is the Unit Titles Act 2010 along with the Unit Titles Regulations 2011​.  These laws set the rules for how … Read more

Summer Pool Safety at Rental Properties

Do you have a pool at your rental property? Before summer rolls around, refresh your memory and fully understand your responsibilities around pool safety and maintenance.  Residential pools – including portable pools, in-ground pools, and spa pools – must be equipped with physical barriers to prevent unsupervised children under 5 years of age from accessing … Read more

How To Start A Property Portfolio

Building a property portfolio is a great way to build your wealth. Here, we outline the most common approaches. Clarify Your Purpose: Establish a clear understanding of your motivation when venturing into property investment in Auckland. Managing a property portfolio is a substantial commitment, involving your time, financial resources, and attention. Determine whether you aim … Read more

How To Choose The Best Investment Property

When considering property investment in Auckland, it’s crucial to remember that your choice of property will directly influence the type of tenant and the level of rental income that you will attract. To start, conduct thorough research on your target area. Understanding the local demand for rental properties and the preferences of potential tenants is … Read more

Ray White 360 Property Management – Named #1 in New Zealand at annual awards

At the highly competitive Ray White New Zealand annual awards, Ray White 360 Property Management was recognised for the significant results achieved in the past years. Recognising the quality of property management service, the 360 Property Management team took home the #1 Property Management Office award.  Director, Adam Thomson said the accolade was a testament … Read more

Accessibility and Discrimination Laws: Ensuring Fair Housing Practices in New Zealand

This blog post aims to guide property managers in understanding and complying with accessibility and discrimination laws, promoting fair housing practices. We’ll explore the legal requirements related to accessibility and discrimination, provide practical guidance on ensuring compliance, and discuss how to build an inclusive housing community. Whether you’re a seasoned property manager or new to … Read more