The value of property managers.

Hannah Williams

You own the property – let our property managers own the hassles. 

Rental properties are a great investment. But do you have the knowledge and time to invest in yours?

We provide a tailored property management solution, whether you have a single rental property or a growing investment portfolio. With us, you aren’t just getting a property manager, but access to our entire specialist team. Our property managers are backed by experts in sales, valuation, development, finance and lending, and accounting.

The benefits of enlisting a property manager start way back before the property is even tenanted. 

We have a dedicated leasing agent who works evenings and weekends. This ensures that your property is accessible to all of the right prospective tenants. We also use professional photos, presenting your property in the best possible light.

We’re noticing that with the increased number of kiwis moving abroad, the average days on market have increased. Being seen by all the right people is crucial to finding the right tenants – now more than ever.

Do you know how to perform thorough checks on potential tenants and then from there create a tenancy agreement?

Once prospective tenants are identified, we conduct a thorough screening process – making sure your tenants are the right fit. We’re proud of the stringent processes that allow us to safeguard your investment. 

The bonus of working with us? We’re elite partners with Tenancy Practice Services, which provides market-leading tenancy application and credit-checking facilities to our team. 

We place a considerable amount of importance on finding the right tenants. This means that your property is well looked after, and the tenants are likely to stay.

If you’re looking to manage your property, you’ll need to ask yourself – am I good at keeping records?

Landlords need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the Privacy Act (2020) and how it impacts the collection and storage of tenants’ personal information.

While the practice of collecting information from tenants has always been governed by the Privacy Act (2020), with our position amidst the digital era and growing concerns about the handling and accessibility of personal data, compliance has become a minefield. 

Landlords can anticipate regular checks, and annual surveys to audit their application processes, contract forms and overall privacy policies. Luckily, our team have developed a solid process. We only ever ask for necessary information and are storing it responsibly.

Our value doesn’t stop there, our property managers will handle all of the property inspections on your behalf.

Property inspections are crucial to ensuring current tenants maintain your rental property well. We conduct routine inspections on your behalf per the requirements set out by your insurance provider. As a general rule of thumb, these are done every 13 weeks. 

Property inspections are crucial but we know it can be time-consuming for landlords having to:

  • Provide notice to the tenants to you will be visiting the property
  • Conducting the inspection
  • Reporting on any damages to the property
  • Remedying any issues. 

Read more on property inspections here.

Do you have time to stay up to date on the ever-changing laws? 

Property management has changed over the years. Legislation and compliance can be a minefield, and getting it wrong can be problematic and expensive. Our team of experts are constantly upskilling and taking part in extensive training programmes to ensure we stay up to date with changes – taking the stress off your shoulders, all while minimising your risk and maximising return.

Are you happy to be on call 24/7? 

We are! 

Our team are available 24/7 for our tenants and owners to contact us at any time of the day – or night! 

Plus, we have a full-time floater – a member of our team who can assist our property managers daily. Ensuring that i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. This means that our team can recharge knowing that your property is in safe hands – not added to the workload of another property manager. 

Not only are we available 24/7, but so are our tried and trusted maintenance contractors and service providers. Over the years, we’ve built a reliable database who are willing to prioritise emergencies when they pop up. 

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Our property managers are well equipped to handle all aspects of managing your property. They’ll be the middleman between you and your tenant. You can sit back and not have to worry about rent collection and dealing with late payments. 

Our property managers are experts in navigating the relationship with tenants to ensure consistency with payments is non-negotiable. Your property manager knows when to step in as the “bad guy” who will listen to excuses for late payments, chase down missing payments and if necessary, go through the process to evict the person or people living at your property. 

If your tenant falls behind on rent, can you follow this up to the point of eviction? 

It can be hard to separate emotion from the business side of owning a rental property. With many private landlords may find it difficult to enforce strict procedures for paying rent. Property managers are obligated by a contract, making it easier to enforce rules.

Another non-glamourous aspect of property management – the tenancy tribunal. How would you handle a tribunal hearing? 

From the get-go, our team implement a stringent process for rent arrears to diffuse situations before they develop. But in an absolute worst-case scenario, your property manager will be prepared to represent you at the Tenancy Tribunal. 

Do you know the appropriate notices to provide your tenants before visiting the property? Do you know the notice periods to give your tenants when selling the property? 

How much will you save if you manage your rental property yourself? 

As an investor, you know, time is money. 

Property managers streamline the entire process of owning an investment property and will save you countless hours of marketing the property, finding/screening tenants, creating tenancy agreements, conducting inspections, organising and seeing to maintenance issues, handling rent payments, chasing tenants for late payments, handling complaints, dealing with the eviction process and our team can even assist you on your next journey to selling, refinancing or growing your property portfolio. 

The value of a property manager is limitless – give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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