Property Management

Property Management

Falling property stocks? | Tony’s View

This week, Independent Economist, Tony Alexander, discusses the (now revised) data from showing a downward trend in stocks of property listings around the country. Click here to access the full report.

The value of property managers.

You own the property – let our property managers own the hassles.  Rental properties are a great investment. But do you have the knowledge and time to invest in yours? We provide a tailored property management solution, whether you have a single rental property or a growing investment portfolio. With us, you aren’t just getting … Read more

When will buyers return? | Property Market Update

Property sales are 40% down from a year ago, and days on market (DOM) is up 13 days. Property prices have fallen 9.5% from their peak in November 2021 and the number of listings is up by 104%. This profound weakness in the residential property sector has not come about because of a wave of … Read more

Market Update | Looking ahead

Independent Economist, Tony Alexander, presents a market update on New Zealand’s economy and the housing market. This is about as bad as it gets. Nothing seems to be going right for the economy, households and businesses. The pressures keep growing. Another hit for the market, the Reserve Bank is set to raise interest rates another … Read more

The importance of conducting routine inspections

Routine property inspections are beneficial for both landlords and tenants.  From a landlord’s perspective, conducting routine property inspections is essential to protect your investment. They allow you to visit the property and check that everything is in working order, there is no damage to the property and that the tenants have been keeping things reasonably … Read more

Why you should remain engaged with the housing market.

Independent economist, Tony Alexander, discusses the 20 reasons why you should continue to pursue listings. In the latest edition of Tony View, Alexander suggests that keeping an eye on the rapidly rising housing stock and making improvements to purchase prices would be a good idea.  Rising construction costs It is getting more and more expensive … Read more

Rental Property Maintenance – Who is responsible for the Lawns and Garden?

A common cause of dispute – who is responsible for maintaining the lawns and garden of a rental property?  Tenant responsibility for garden maintenance Tenants’ are responsible for keeping the rental property reasonably clean and tidy. This includes mowing the lawns and weeding the gardens where applicable. In some circumstances, your landlord may be happy … Read more

Auckland housing not munted | Tony’s View

This week, Independent Economist, Tony Alexander, discusses the everchanging Auckland housing market. The fundamentals for house prices and house construction in Auckland have shifted to the downside. Such is the nature of cycles. It is not just that interest rates are rising – Auckland’s population is shrinking. People are moving to the regions, the brain … Read more

Changes to Healthy Homes Standards – May 2022

Responding to recent rental sector feedback, the New Zealand Government has agreed to make amendments to the current Healthy Homes Standards. The changes will impact the heating, ventilation and moisture ingress and drainage requirements for rental properties.  Heating Moving forward, the heating requirements will take into account the heightened thermal performance of new homes built … Read more

Furnished vs Unfurnished Rental Properties

To furnish or not to furnish?  Historically, landlords who rent out furnished properties find themselves collecting higher rent than those renting out their properties unfurnished.  However, a number of factors will determine the value of furnishing your rental property – including the type of property you’re renting, the location of the property and the type … Read more