Residential Property Management

Residential Property Management

Why Choose a Residential Property Management Company? 

The role and responsibilities of being a landlord are changing rapidly. We have seen a shift to encompass more legislative obligations than ever before, including the introduction of new laws, such as insulation. This means that additional responsibilities need to be undertaken by a landlord. 

This is where experience matters. We make sure you’re meeting your legal obligations as a landlord and we don’t miss a beat. By selecting a qualified residential property management company, you will be supported through these changes. 

360 Property Management is dedicated to developing and enhancing New Zealand’s standard for residential property management services. We provide excellence in customer care and upholding standards of practice that are open, ethical and honest. 

The Process

Our property management service includes: 

  • Tenant selection process – a comprehensive vetting process
  • Collecting bond and rent – We collect the maximum level of bond allowed by law. 
  • Maintenance on your property. When a residential property comes on board we go through and photograph areas so that we have a record of any damages that may be made during your tenancy contract period. 
  • Exclusive data and statistics to help you understand your area and help to market your property. 

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