Auckland Rental Market Update July 2022

Auckland Rental Market Update July 2022

Stay up to date with Auckland’s rental market.

Proudly presenting the latest residential rental data as supplied by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ).

In some Auckland areas, we’re seeing the median weekly rent return to the levels we experienced at the same time last year. Or, in some cases, even noting Auckland rents decreasing. 

In July of 2022, the average weekly rent for three-bedroom rental properties in Ponsonby was $923. Compare this to $1,000 in June last year and you’ll see a 7.7% decrease in rent prices.

In Kingsland, the median rent for a two-bedroom was $585 per week, a decrease from $550 the year previous. 

Median Auckland Rent Update – July 2022

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A Note from us,

As a result of rising interest cost, we expected to see an influx of investors increasing the rents across their portfolios over the next year. However, this number has fallen to an all-time low since June 2021 with only 5.7% of investors looking to increase rent.

Many landlords report it is progressively harder to find good tenants, reflected in their desire to keep their current tenants rather than seek new ones.

Rents are showing a slight decrease due to an influx of available rental stock, competition of vacant properties across Auckland, and landlords wanting to fill their properties faster. Other parts of the country are also facing similar changes.

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Please Note: These market rent statistics have been provided by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. The data has been derived from information gathered from bonds lodged at the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) – Tenancy Bond Services. 

However, these results may not be a true representation of the entire housing market. They are only a reflection of rental properties where bonds have been lodged at the MBIE – Tenancy Bond Services. 

This report is two months in arrears as per the data provided by MBIE. Removing the most recent month of data provides a more complete and accurate picture of all bonds lodged. This is because the most recent month’s data is incomplete. This is due to the time taken between a bond being lodged (23 working days) and the database being updated. Visit the real estate institute of New Zealand website here to see the latest real estate data.