Rhian Parker

Rhian Parker

Rhian Parker

Property Manager | 021 336 116 | 09 262 0551

A consummate professional, Rhian Parker brings to the role of property manager a high level of integrity, reliability and attention to detail – as well as the drive to succeed and do her very best.

With more than five years’ experience in the industry – including three years of real estate office management and over two in property management – Rhian is well versed on the ropes of managing properties as well as the systems that come with it, meaning she is efficient and gets the job done with all t’s crossed and i’s dotted.
She prides herself in excellence and diligence and has completed both her real estate agent’s licence and legal executive diploma, with three years’ legal executive experience to boot. Her experience in law honed her ability to both keep an eye on the details and the big picture.

The big picture, for her, is connecting people with their dream homes.

“A house is a very important part of life whether renting or owning – you need somewhere to live and being able to find someone that dream place to live is extremely rewarding.”

Born and raised in Auckland, Rhian knows its suburbs well. She also did a stint in Docklands, Melbourne, where she worked as a property manager.

Her life motto is “follow your instinct” and she applies that in her job. After all, property management is ultimately about people.